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Visit you Kyiv, a wonderful city  with unique character.

Get to know these wonderful people and meet your sweet girl :)


Today is the football match between Ukrain and Poland.



                                              -Ukrain we wish you all the best:)


Today is the football match between Ukrain


and Northern Ireland



Ukrain - We wish you all the best:)

12.06.2016 Today football match between 

Ukrain and Germany.


We wish you two all the best.









important news/history/milestones


- real help for the children from the Donbass.


a small country thinks progressive, including Ukraine 

The little ones are often the big ones - am I right?                      




- wonderful and unique - the fauna ofUkraine:) 



 another attraction of this wonderful city Kyiv


A new era in Ukrainian history :) From today on applies to all Ukrainians; Visa free travel to the EU :) My heartfelt congratulations :)


- 03.07.2016   new chance for                 Ukrainian economy



- 24.06.2016 Britain goes to 53               million, Ukraine "comes" with 41         million people. But is that really           good for Ukraine? I think no!!

- 20.06.2014 Russia violates ceasefire again in      Donbass


- 14.06.2016 I demand clearly the respect for      human rights in Crimea, in particular for all    the minorities !!!!!

13.06.2016 the plea of a courageous                woman:)

12.06.2016 why Ukrainians Europe protect!

Shocking special messages

Mass rape in Donbass

- what / who Russia does not                 tolerate !!

- 10.06.2016 very positive signal about new                                    business constellation / report

- 10.06.2016 Help from Kyiv for the people of Donbass,          especially for hospitals, child care centers and schools.

09/10.06.2016 all news and reports on the situation in             Crimea and about Donbass, can be found here.

-  08.06.2016 my Commentimmigration of Russians in           Florida since the  Ukraine crisis: ... ... "amazing" here is           that do not dare the Russians openly say what they think       about Russia. Russia's population thinks                                   increasingly critical of the Kremlin regime !!

- absolutely inhuman contribution from France !!

- new education campaign in Ukraine.

   historic HIGHLIGHT

- historic day for all Ukrainians, the release of    Nadiya Savchenko :)

-  powerful ukrainians:) More

-  about that we may never silent !! More